A campaign for the M6 Gran Coupé in the Middle East.

There could only be one.

The BMW M6 Gran Coupé was then positioned as the High Performance Sports Coupé par excellence among BMW M automobiles. In order to generate as many crisp contacts as possible in the prestigious Middle East market and to draw attention to this image carrier which is as powerful as it is luxurious, BMW was looking for a passionate driver who would drive the M6 together with a well-known racing driver from the region on the F1 race track Yas Marinas in Abu Dhabi. An experience that is hard to buy even with money.

Get behind the steering wheel.

In a multi-stage awareness phase, we called for a competition in which self-proclaimed racing drivers from the region were asked to show their motorsport knowledge and expertise about the BMW M6 Gran Coupé in order to win a place in the cockpit. The race took place at the Yas Marinas Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Facebook fans were able to vote on which of the candidates was most likely to be a race driver.

The project included the design of a Youtube masthead, start and tab page on facebook and a responsive landing page for desktop, iPad and iPhone in English and Arabic.

Art Direction


Danoush Mahmoudi

Impressions from the production.