Vehicle texts for VW.

VW puts customers at the centre

As part of the realignment of brand and product communication, Volkswagen has also completely revamped its website. The entire showroom was also turned inside out. Instead of dusty deserts of words about the many advantages of a model, the aim was to keep it brief and focus everything on the advantages for buyers. More than 50 vehicle presentations were on the serving plate. And on many a day, we felt as if we were in the engine room of a steamship, shovelling words like pieces of coal.

Four writers for one Hallelujah.

Within five weeks all model texts were completely rewritten by three colleagues and myself. Besides the new orientation of style and tonality, the crux of the project was that the explanations of technical product details should be used in the same way for all models. And this while the texts were produced simultaneously and approved by several departments at Volkswagen. So we dealt with the text organisation almost as lovingly as with its production.

Showroom texts from my pen:

Jan-Hendrik Simons

A team without fear or blame.


Account lead