A new website for the Robo Advisor VisualVest.

The old website was gloomy, overloaded, too confusing in its user guidance and too impersonal in its tonality to reach a young target group that was open to financial investments via Robo Advisor. Since the customer and we both agreed on this, VisualVest’s website was given a complete front-end fresh cell cure: new UI and new UX as well as revised and, above all, shortened texts. I was responsible for the texts.

A brand image that fits the target group.

At the start, it was crucial to prove to the client by means of examples and optimised proposals that communication is much better with professional texts. Fortunately, these suggestions also form the basis for the texts of the current website.


VisualVest Robo Advisor

But not only the tonality changed: A large part of the pages and content could also be deleted due to redundancies. Instead, the focus of the new website was on clarity, precise information and helpful tools for determining suitable investment strategies.


Clear navigation, comprehensible information.

Trust is essential when investing money. In UX, this is earned through a clear division of content and in the content through a language that is also understandable for laypersons. In this respect, the “Interesting Facts” section played a special role in the restructuring of the website in order to bring together all relevant information in one place.

A team without fear or blame.